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Which planter is best for your plants : Clay, Plastic, Ceramic, Bamboo cane

Garden planter are not just decor, should be chosen according to the plant, where the planter will be kept, climate and weather of your locality.

12 Practical Tips for Indoor Plants in India

Indoor Plants in India is little different, as the claimate and type of plants work differently. We need to take care few things

21 Basic Gardening Tips that no one told you

WE often take random tips which might do more bad than good. Gardening is very much climate dependent and in today's hurried days we tend to hurry for fast results.

Easy Organic Gardening with Plantohlic Alia Wasim

Learn Organic gardening from the urban gardener who practiced it. Alia Wasim, Noida, India created green patch with 4500 plants only trusting organic way of gardening.


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