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Plantohlics mobile app owned by Plantohlics Pvt Ltd.

Plantohlics is a collection of all the Eureka moments of a jovial green lover, Bratati, a default plant lover, gardener for decades, livened by creativity. It took about 2 million interactions with gardeners that made her taking up a real helpful app with human touch.

Happiness through Gardening started with a journey named Gardening Ideas and More facebook group. The sole purpose was not only to learn but share garden fun, memes, gardening challenges and joy of Gardening.

Information was everywhere but it became a big plant lover family who share well thought Gardening Tips and experience..

We are the people madly in love with plants, having unexplainable urge to add new plants and mastering the science & art to help them survive. We felt the need to stop wasting our plants, share tips, expert help – as our climates are different. Our garden soil, temperature, water, mood of plants are different. So there is NO one idea fit for all.

1 Million members and more than 30 million question experienced

From 2019 the team is interacting with real gardeners and real questions about gardening, planters, propagations, gardening failures and success, pleasure and frustrations. So who else can help the new gardeners and the experienced ones. Gardening is too different at different places, there is no one-size-fits all concept. Soil, Water, Wind, Sunlight, Temperature, Rain all makes the garden beautiful. Plantohlics Team help to Grow Plants and Grow Happiness !


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