Refund Policy

Apologies for the confusion. If the Plant Swap Mobile App does not involve any direct monetary transactions on the platform, the Refund Policy would be modified accordingly. In this case, the focus would be on facilitating fair plant exchanges and addressing issues that may arise during the swapping process. Below is an adjusted version of the Refund Policy for a Plant Swap Mobile App where money is not exchanged on the platform:

At Plantohlics, we are committed to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for plant enthusiasts who connect through our mobile app. While money is not exchanged on the platform, we recognize the importance of fairness and transparency in all swap transactions. Our Refund Policy outlines the terms and conditions governing refunds to address any unforeseen issues that may occur during the plant swapping process.

Eligibility for Refunds :

Incorrect Plant Description: If the received plant significantly deviates from the description provided by the sender, users may be eligible for a swap resolution.

Non-Delivery: If a user does not receive the plant they were supposed to swap due to delivery issues, user can reach us at we will work to find a satisfactory resolution.

Damaged Plant: In cases where the received plant is damaged during transit or does not meet acceptable quality standards, users can request assistance in resolving the issue.

Fraudulent Activity: If any fraudulent activity is detected in a swap transaction, affected users are encouraged to report it for appropriate action.

Refund Process:

Contact Support: To address any swap-related issues, users must contact our customer support team within 48 hours of the swap completion. Call 9653687481 or Email

Provide Evidence: Users are required to provide clear evidence to support their claim, such as images of the received plant, packaging, and any other relevant information.

Investigation: Our team will investigate the issue, potentially reaching out to both parties involved in the swap for further information.

Swap Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, we will work towards finding a resolution that is fair and satisfactory to both parties involved.

Non-Eligible Refunds:

Change of Mind: Refunds will not be provided if a user simply changes their mind about a swap after it has been completed.

Failed Swaps: Users are responsible for ensuring they provide accurate plant descriptions and packaging to prevent failed swaps.

Plantohlics’ Discretion:

Final Decision: Plantohlics Mobile App reserves the right to make the final decision regarding swap resolutions and any other matters related to the Refund Policy.

Policy Updates: We may update this Refund Policy from time to time, and the most recent version will be posted on our website.

At Plantohlics, our aim is to foster a supportive and thriving community of plant lovers who can trust the swapping process. Our Refund Policy is designed to assist users in resolving any issues that may occur during plant exchanges, promoting a positive experience for all members of our platform. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Refund Policy, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance. Happy swapping, selling !


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