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The Plantohlics App was born understanding the real requirement of new gardeners. Millions of Plant parents who interacted every day at gardening Ideas and more (India) community, the story was almost same.

Gardeners’ never ending urge to source new plants exploited by multiple unknown sellers, exorbitant price and non- local plants delivered often made the gardeners frustrated. And then ? While internet is flooded with content nothing is personalised.

Plantohlics is a chronicle of all the Eureka moments of a jovial green lover, Bratati, enlivened by creativity. It took about 2 million interactions with gardeners that made her taking up a real helpful app with human touch.

Here is now a revolutionary mobile app that brings together the world of plant enthusiasts, the thrill of plant swapping and selling to plant lovers near and far and get one-to-one suggestions from the plant experts - all in one place!

Post your plant for swap :

Set your locality and post your plant available for swap. Other App users can see your post, just chat and swap with your dream plant

Sell your extra plants :

As a plant parent do not want to throw out the extra plants? Effortlessly sell your botanical gems. Chat and make new plant friends

Donate your extra plants :

Show off your golden heart and just give away your extra plants. Also check who else has posted plants for donation. FREE is awesome

Book Personalised Expert Guidance :

Get personalized plant care advice, including disease guidance, treatment recommendations & reminders for watering and feeding your plants.

More is good. Invite Plant lovers :

Invite your friends to install the App and be a part of history by adding more and more people. Gather your points to get FREE gifts

Join Plant Events :

Plan or join plant events as you will get messages when the event is. Do plantations, swap, talk plants and do your bit for greener earth

Post, Sell, DIYs :

Post, sell your DIY Gardening projects to nearby App users or far. chat and share your experience with people who really appreciate

Search Plant Information :

Get genuine plant information with locality wise guidance.Because every plant child behave different in different micro environment

Coming soon !! Anything and everything you wanted about plants.

Book a gardener certified by Plantohlics

Do you want to book a gardener/mali which you are sure that he/she knows the job. Look for Plantohlics verified and certified gardener for your plant care

Unleash Your Green Potential

Expand your horizons through a multitude of educational resources available within our app. Access a vast library of plant care guides, tutorials, and articles crafted by experts, empowering you to become a confident and knowledgeable plant parent. Elevate your gardening skills and witness your plants flourish under your expert care.

Secure Transactions, Seamless Experience

We are working towards your 100% safety, ensuring smooth and protected buying and selling experiences. With our robust platform, you can confidently connect with sellers, complete transactions, and embark on new plant-filled adventures. Soon you will find a market place here from ONLY chosen and authentic local / global sellers

Join the Green Revolution

Download our app today and step into a world where plants bring joy, connections flourish, and expertise thrives. Unleash your passion, indulge in the beauty of nature, and embark on a journey of growth and discovery. Welcome to the ultimate destination for plant swapping, selling, and expert suggestions. Let's cultivate a greener future together!

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1 Million members and more than 30 million question experienced

From 2019 the team is interacting with real gardeners and real questions about gardening, planters, propagations, gardening failures and success, pleasure and frustrations. So who else can help the new gardeners and the experienced ones. Gardening is too different at different places, there is no one-size-fits all concept. Soil, Water, Wind, Sunlight, Temperature, Rain all makes the garden beautiful. Plantohlics Team help to Grow Plants and Grow Happiness !


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